Pasquale (Walter) Zaza

Pasquale about age 5 (1907)
His mother Teresa Zaza always kept Pasquale well dressed.
She was known as a good seamstress.

Pasquale in 1914 age 12

He changed his name to Walter Zaza. He didn't want to be called Patsy or Pasquale. His first job was working a barge. His father Rocco got him this job, after he married Mary Naimoli. Walter's other jobs during his life was gas station attendant, taxi driver, and while he lived in California, he worked loading trucks and as a bartender. He was a trustworthy man. He also had a good heart and would give the shirt off his back to any who needed it.

Walter 1953

Walter Zaza, 1960, living in Southern California
He moved to California in 1955 to be closer to his daughter. He like to sing and his favorite song was "Melancholy Baby". He died 17 Mar 1966 in Los Angeles, California

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