Rocco Zaza 1876 -1950

Rocco Zaza
Birth: 4 Aug 1876
Death: 22 Jan 1950

Maria Donata Gioscio and Rocco at their wedding December 1893
Rocco on gangway as a lighter crew boss (between 1925 and 1932) picture taken between 1926-28

Rocco at the doorway to 321 E. 28th Street (link to approximate location. Building and street block no longer exist) circa 1941.

Headstone for Rocco and Maria, Old Cavalry Cemetery, Queens NY photo taken 9 Oct 1971 by Frank J. Zaza


  1. That E. 28th St. address was in Manhattan, not Brooklyn, as the google maps link indicates. 321 E. 28th St. in Manhattan does not exist anymore as it was razed decades ago, which is why it can't be found on google maps.
    --William Zaza

  2. The photo of Rocco's grave was taken by my father, Frank J. Zaza. There should be some attribution as to the sources of your documents.
    --William S. Zaza

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have a copy of the wedding picture. But haven't seen the others of my great grandfather. Carol Waite